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Impact Windows and Doors
Enhance Your Home’s Value by Elevating Its All Weather Security

The premier name in impact windows, Impact Resistant Windows & Doors is ready to assist homeowners, businesses, institutions, architects, and residential and commercial developers who are ready to take the necessary and proactive steps to protect those who live and work in buildings they are responsible for. We are dedicated to delivering the most reliable and professional services, durable products, and utmost customer satisfaction with every project. From the moment we start explaining the nuances between the various hurricane windows and door systems through the installation and quality assurance process, there is one thing that we always focus on – the safety of you and your family.




We offer a full-range of technically advanced Glass and Polymer Laminated Impact Windows and Doors, which are designed to resist excessive rain and wind challenges brought with every hurricane landfall. On top of that, they create a protective barrier from burglar intrusions. So, whenever weather threatens to do its worse, it reassuring to know that Impact Resistant Windows & Doors and the hurricane windows we install are designed to meet the latest and some of the most stringent Miami-Dade County and Florida State building standards and codes. After the devastating effects of the multiple hurricanes such as Andrew and Wilma, that pounded Florida and the surrounding areas, reputable window and door manufacturers such as began building innovative and tested impact resistant designs to protect your family and the contents of your home.




These structures, your home and office, are built to be compliant with the current building codes. However we want you to remember, while a code may set a high standard, it is still the minimum requirement to pass a building inspector’s scrutiny. Do you believe that is really enough or what you really want for your family and employees?

If you took a comprehensive inventory of all your current windows and doors, what do you think you will find? Old, inoperable, broken windows and doors, and the framework in your home may not have the strength to withstand Nature’s seasonal onslaughts and flying debris. "Impact windows offer a much safer solution" agrees




When you are considering hurricane windows or doors for your commercial or residential property, our team wants to help you make your present considerations easier and answer all your questions about the services and products we sell. Our reputation, high standards, and quality control protocols are designed to give you the best experience possible. We approach your home with the same respect we give to our own. We take pride in our workmanship, so you can be just as proud of how great your home looks after we have left. As authorized dealers, we seek out and offer only the most exceptional quality of today’s impact-resistant window and door systems. All systems are custom manufactured with innovative materials and following strict window replacement cost guide guidelines, made to fit perfectly into each opening, and tested to pass forced entry resistant standards, structural load requirements, water and air infiltration specifications as well as airport sound mitigation prerequisites.

Ever since the 2004 and 2005, when Florida was hit from all directions during Hurricane seasons, the impact windows that we installed held true.




As you tour our website and explore all the options that are available to protect you, your family, employees, the structures where they spend a great part of their day and your property; we encourage you to ask yourself one question, which will motivate the decisions you will be making today:

“How safe do you feel with the windows and doors you have right now?”

Impact Resistant Windows & Doors proudly service satisfied clients throughout South Florida from Indian River County and south along the coast through Miami-Dade County. How can we serve you today?

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